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    Ok, some of you have seen my posts- waiting since August for expedited claim for my 90 (almost 91) year old father in law. 3 weeks ago after speaking with my VA rep expressing my concern she called to check what was happening. At that time they told her that it was a fully developed claim and should be processing soon. The rep told me to call her back in 2-3 weeks if we had not heard anything. I wrote at that time "I was hopeful".
    Well yesterday I emailed the rep to check in, reviewing our timeline so far. Today, I received an email and a phone call from her. She had called Minnesota once again to check on our claim. A rep there, looking through everything said- "Well this is why nothing has happened- he is deceased!" My rep said he is NOT deceased- look at the death certificate- that is his wife's! They had looked at the death certificate- which said a strictly female name and marked my father in law deceased. To say I am upset is an understatement- I worked so hard to have everything perfect (and in fact it was) they have never asked for anything additional, it was fully developed etc. So someone on their end made this mistake which thank goodness we have caught. So now we faxed an additional form, signed by my father in law saying that he is in fact very much alive.
    The rep told me it should now be acted upon fairly quickly, as it is now an expedited "old" claim (dating back to August) It is just incredible that there is no accountable on that end.
    Let me know if anyone has ever heard of such a thing, and please keep us in your thoughts and hope that this happens soon. My father in law is at his last $10,000..... :(
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    Oh ksflygirl, I am so sorry to hear this! This must be so incredibly frustrating for you. I try to remember that the folks at the VA who review these applications are only human and mistakes can happen (especially with the more technical/financial issues), but good grief--this kind of mistake is hard to fathom.

    Let me offer this--I also submitted my father's A&A application as a fully developed claim (FDC). A couple months after filing the application, the VA informed me that they had kicked it out of the FDC track because they had a question and needed more info (info they, in fact, already had). This was crushing because the money situation was tight--I was sure we would be moved to the bottom of the pile and a decision would take many more months. I quickly faxed them the requested info (again) and then followed up with a phone call about a week or so later. The good news is that my dad ended up being approved only a few weeks afterwards.

    If I were you, I would give the VA a call to follow up. Ask them if they got your fax, politely remind them of their mistake and how tight your FIL's money situation is. I would ask if they have an idea when a decision might be made. They may not give you an answer, but at least they will know you are out there and waiting (the squeaky wheel and all). And hopefully--since this mistake is so fundamental and clearly on them--they will expedite your claim and turn it around soon.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck and please keep us posted.
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    Thank you for your reply Jandy. The VA rep who submitted the new form indicating my FIL is alive also faxed a letter of support, indicating what had happened. Ihave received a follow up from her that it all was indeed faxed and received. She assured me that I would not be moved to the bottom of the pile that now his claim would be acted upon because it is an "old" expedited claim. I will wait a week and follow your advice. Thanks for your good wishes! Will keep all posted.
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    ksflygirl, you look to be in good shape--it sounds like you're doing everything possible for your FIL. Do let us know what happens.
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    Yes, please do keep us posted!
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    Thanks to all who continue to send support! What I want most of all is to tell you all- Pension Received!
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    Look at you, burying the lede! ;)

    This is FANTASTIC news, ksflygirl. I'm so glad things moved quickly after the whole death certificate mix-up. I know this is a load off your mind--job well done!!

    Congratulations, and please thank your father-in-law for his service. My best goes out to you and your family.
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