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  1. First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to Debbie for this site. It's remarkable what you've created and I am so thankful.

    After following the instructions on this website and doing a lot of preparation, I sent in my dad's application for A&A (informal claim sent in May 2011, full claim sent in late September 2011).
    I am happy to say that we received an entitlement letter the middle of this month (November 2011) that his claim had been approved and monthly payments start in December 2011. Unbelievable. I could not have done this without the help of this website and I am so, so thankful. Truly remarkable. It happened so much more quickly than I anticipated.

    My question: In the award letter from the VA, it states that although the monthly payments will start in December, the retroactive payments since the date of the informal claim (May 2011) will not be disbursed until a fiduciary is assigned and that "we propose to make a determination of incompetency for VA purposes." It states elsewhere that "The issue of competency will be addressed by separate correspondence" and again, "a finding of incompetency is proposed."

    I perused the VA site and read about the Fiduciary Program, and saw all the requirements necessary, but my question is: do I need to do anything at this point or just hang tight and wait to hear from them about the decision of incompetence and await further instructions from them? Do I fill out any forms regarding the fiduciary issue and send them, or just wait until they send me additional correspondence about their decision regarding my dad's incompetence (which was attested to by his physician on form 21-2680 and sent in along with all other paperwork for the formal claim).
    I should mention that I am his designated VA representative.
    Thanks very much for any insights!!!
  2. And Debbie, if you are reading any of these, please expect a donation from me in the mail in the next week. Thank you so much, again.
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    Well congratulations are indeed in order, and Yes, I read everything here!

    Being one person running the forums, the site, and all the social media, as well as the hundreds of emails each week, it might appear, I'm not here, but I am.

    Could not be happier for you and your Dad, and thrilled that we were able to assist you in getting through this process.

    Let the pension payments start and then when the other correspondence comes, you will make the request to be appointed as his Fiduciary.

    Good news, is I am in the middle of writing up a newsletter, and the COLA (Cost of Living Increase)3.6 should be effective for the Dec check, which raise him up from $1649 to $1704. Every little bit helps, and there has not been an increase in 2 years, so this is great news.

    I appreciate the donation as we are self-funded, and anything that helps to offset costs is gratefully accepted.

    Again, congraulations, and thanks for sharing your good news with everyone here!
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