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  1. NDgirlz
    Just confirming I must report the sale of my mother's home on VA 21-8049 and monthly ALF expenses. She currently receives A&A. Thank you.
  2. 98bonga
    Help for Down Syndrome child of WWII vet
    1. 98bonga
      Does anyone have experience applying for a disabled child? Looking at assisted/independent living facility that is $2K/mo. She receives $1300 in SS.
      Apr 21, 2017
  3. Grace Blake
    Grace Blake
    Does Reserve service after Active service qualify? Tom served 4/1/61 to 1/10/64 reserves to 3/31/67. In nursing home. Apply for benefits?
  4. Robert Hilke
    Robert Hilke
    Do I have to file as guardian and fiduciary?
  5. Elaine T
    Elaine T
    What happens to 8 months of back pay that my mom waited for from A&A since 2014 and never received? She passed away June 2016.
  6. deborah peterman
    deborah peterman
    I am the caretaker of my mother who is the widow of a 100% disabled vet. I have applied for Aid and Attendance for her.
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  7. fpb38
    I am submitting Form 21-534EZ on behalf of my mother. Do I need to include a certified copy of my parent's marriage certificate? Thank you
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    2. Kaylin
      Yes, it needs to be certified or notarized (as I've head these are accepted also)
      Mar 23, 2017
    3. fpb38
      Thank you. Actually I was told to that a notary public would not notarize a copy of the "certified" marriage certificate. So I will submit the certified copy of my parent's marriage certificate and keep a copy for me. I will obtain another certified copy of the marriage certificate from NYC for our records. Thank you.
      Apr 5, 2017
  8. Laura Szerdi
    Laura Szerdi Kaylin
    Hello Kaylin,
    I think I saw a post on here somewhere that said A & A will not pay benefits for an "independent" living facility. Is this true?I'm looking at a facility that has both independent and assisted living. He's not really needing the "assisted" part yet, but he does need a facility where there is a 24 hour staff. Thank you!
  9. rohit sharma
    rohit sharma vetadmin
    thanks for approving me
  10. Phyllis burch
    Phyllis burch Kaylin
    Hi My mother is eligible and 87. She's in a nursing home but still is very much ALIVE! I take care of her but this one company says they will do all the work but charge almost $1500.

    I don't want to give an organization who says we get IU t anyway as my sister in law's both had to get attorneys to get this benefit. .
    The phone number on here is an apartment complex so is confusing.

    Thank you
    1. Phyllis burch
      Phyllis burch
      Also no way to expedite as he died in 72. She never remarried! Sad as she's been at same place 17 years. Thank you
      Dec 13, 2016
    2. Phyllis burch
      Phyllis burch
      hello is there anyone that is going to answer my questions?? Also do we need his death and their marriage certificate?
      Dec 14, 2016
  11. Edna
    Is there anyway online we can check on forms submitted?
    1. Kaylin
      I don't think there is, Edna. Especially if you sent everything by mail. We encourage everyone to make copies of their complete application to keep for themselves so they know what paperwork they submitted.
      Sep 26, 2016
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  12. Edna
    Favorite time of year
  13. BarraquiasMcrey
    I am a youngest son of wwII how can I apply special veterans benefit for wwIIvet? Inbehalf of our parent both dei both never to received ?
    1. BarraquiasMcrey
      I am now suffer of high blood presure I am 52 years old now financially hardship how I apply specfial veterans benefit for wwIIvet.I need justices of my Dad served the to u.s.Armed force of America when the philippine territory of united states during wwII. Who did not able to enjoyed any benefit during their life time.
      Sep 9, 2016
  14. Keith
    24 hour caregiver. Stressed and emotional.
  15. Patricia
    I would appreciate any answers I can get. Thank you.
  16. Patricia
    I'm new here and I had to post multiple post because I only have 140 characters.
  17. Patricia
    does she need to include A&A as monthly income sense A&A is only to be used for help in care, I'm not sure how to answer on app.
  18. Patricia
    Recently my Mom was approved for A&A, she is using the income for her home care. When apply for other benefits example SSI extra help 4 meds
  19. BarraquiasMcrey
    BarraquiasMcrey Kaylin
    Madam thankz your info،how about unclaim insurances Death pension،aid and attendances my Dad applied all benefit before he pass away at age of 67 years old and my mom also apply all benefit before she pass away in 2002 at age of 80 years old how to get unclaim insurances?
    1. Kaylin
      BarraquiasMcrey, I wish I could help you with that, but as I said before our main source of information and assistance is with the Aid and Attendance pension benefit for veterans and their spouses. We do not deal in insurance claims and would not be the right resource for that.
      Jul 29, 2016
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  20. BarraquiasMcrey